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Wednesday 21 December 2011 – “The season of glad songs has come”   Leave a comment

I have had a day of pre-Christmas blues and then come to a reflection entitled: “The season of glad songs has come”. The Old Testament reading is from one of my favourite books of the Bible: Song of Solomon 2: 8-14. The Gospel reading is Luke: 1: 39-45.

When a friend says something like the Bible is not relevant to modern-day life I like to point to the Song of Solomon.  It’s imagery is of an agrarian culture in the Middle East approximately 3,000 years ago. However to almost anyone who has known the joy of a deep and passionate love, the emotions that imagery conveys are very recognisable.  Many preachers and commentators have interpreted the Song of Solomon as an allegory for God’s relationship with his people. Indeed the notes for today’s reflection do this too. However I value the book particularly for reminding me that in more ways that we usually give credit the people of the biblical times are people just like us. To me that reinforces the validity of learning  from their spiritual journeys recorded in the Bible.

The story in Luke is where Mary visits Elizabeth and somehow (her baby jumps but quite how she makes the leap from that I don’t understand) Elizabeth recognises that Mary is expecting “her Lord”. She goes on to exclaim to Mary as will be familiar to catholics everywhere:

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
[Luke 1: 42 KJV]

So we move in today’s readings from a passionate love poem to the story of a meeting of two pregnant women. What could be more earthy, universal and central to the experience of being human. And it is in this that God meets us.