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First week of Lent   Leave a comment

The first week of Lent has coincided with the first week of Spring here in the UK. I did not go to church Sunday but spent the morning in the sunshine that bathed my garden – nature, all be it tended nature, was my temple. I have not started any of my Lent reading yet either; and I had collected at least 3 books I was going to use, and will use, in this period.  So I just want to leave you with today a beautiful piece of music, that I learnt as a teen from my father’s record collection, an extract from Beethoven’s 6th Symphony:


Ash Wednesday 2014   Leave a comment

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, and I went to the traditional administering of ashes service at my church.  During the marking of a cross on everyone’s forehead the choir sang one of my favorite pieces of sacred music: “God so loved the world” from Stainer’s Crusifixion.

For this first blog post of my Lent 2014 Reflections I just refer you to a recording of it by the St Paul’s choir on YouTube:

Below is the artwork I stood in front of while it was being sung, you can read about it here: