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Pause in Journey through Christian Thought   1 comment

Sorry there has a long pause in my blog series “A journey through Christian thought”.  I experienced a protract period of depression throughout much of last year (I am bi-polar).  That journey was not something I even found possible to do in that mood and thought patterns.  It would probably not have been the most helpful thing at the time if I tried.


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I am much better now but have decided not to resume the series just yet.  This is because I want to participate in and blog about a Lent course being offered by my church: “Build on the Rock – Faith, doubt and Jesus”.  This looks like it will ring with the themes I was visiting on the “Journey in Christian Thought” as the early Christian writers wrestled with the question: “Who was Jesus?”

A thought on: “Who was Jesus?”

Attending Parish Mass at my church last Sunday, for the first time for quite a while, we sung a hymn I didn’t know:

In the second verse there is a statement about Jesus that stood out for me.  In all my own wrestling with who Jesus was, over the decades and on going, it was a statement I could happily rest with and own for myself:

Jesus, … , who trod faith’s road before us and trod it to the end.