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I am a 52-year-old father of two teenage boys from my first marriage now married to Jackie.

I am reluctant to spell out too much of my background because I think we all tend to make prejudicial assumptions about people depending on what sort of churches or other religious organisations they have been associated with. But some brief highlights:

  • I was brought up in a Christian family in a non-conformist tradition.
  • I have always had a strong interest in science and from a very early age a lot of what I now regard as spiritual growth came from unifying my religious and my scientific perspectives within my world view.
  • Since a bit later, probably my teens, bringing a historical perspective into that process has been important.
  • In my mid-twenties I first experienced monastic retreat and that continues to be something I value highly.
  • Since the late 1980s I have been a member of a series of Anglican churches of different churchmanships. One of the things I value in the Church of England is the large diversity within it. I am currently attending the nearest Anglican church to my home, St Matthews, Northampton, which is firmly in the Anglo-Catholic tradition.
I say something about the purpose of this blog and how I invite you to interact with it in its first post: https://martynsspiritualreflections.wordpress.com/2011/11/27/hello-world/

God bless,



Posted November 27, 2011 by Martyn Cooper

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