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I am travelling to what is about my favourite place in the whole world: Glasshampton Monastery, Shrawley just north of Worcester.  I try and go on retreat about once per year and have done since the mid 1980s with a few breaks when in spiritual deserts (spelling? – I never get the difference between a sweet and a dry barren place the right way round!).  For the first time I intend to blog about this retreat, although I might not post the blogs until I return home.

The journey is part of making a retreat, it is like a mini-prilgrimage.  This morning I packed my bags which was also part of the experience as I gathered together the things I would want while staying in the monastery.  So as well as the essentials of clothes, wash kit and tablets I have packed a selection of books, my camera and a sketch pad and pencils.  I am planning to fill the time between services with reflective activity and rest.  This is the first time I have brought my camera on retreat but I love photography and it is something I learned from my Dad who died a few weeks ago so it seemed appropriate.

So, this short blog post is the first of a series I plan to make, say one per day, over the four days of my retreat.  The main reason for blogging is as a self reflection tool but if others read them and draw benefit from them that is a bonus.


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